Capital Market and Securities Division


Achdan Wafi

1. Achdan Wafi 2

VICE Manager

Sahda Edgina Nahdah

2. Sahda Edgina Nahdah 2

The staffs

8. Althaf Yoga Dana A
Althaf Yoga Dana
5. Amanda Dwi Cahyaningsih 2
Amanda Dwi Cahyaningsih
11. Avicenna Athalla Zaki Ghani Alli
Avicenna Athalla Zaki Ghani
M.T Premasanti
3. Muhammad Ramziy Elsaadiy (1)
Muhammad Ramziy Elsaadiy
10. Navesya Clara Choirunnisa
Navesya Clara Choirunnisa
6. Ranesya Nararya 2
Ranesya Nararya
7. Rasendrya Hafiz
Rasendrya Hafiz
9. Soraya Atika Febriana
Soraya Atika Febriana

Work Programs

BLS Legal Discussion is a program in the form of discussion related to a particular issue and/or material that can be delivered by the Manager and Vice Managers of each research division as well as the staffs in the said divisions. The implementation of BLS LD is carried out in 3 (three) forms, namely by explaining the material comprehensively in two directions between BPH Study Division to BLS LD participants and vice versa, explaining the material in a comprehensive two-way way between legal practitioners to LD BLS participants and vice versa, and also held through the drafting and presentation of Legal Opinion by BLS LD participants.

LD BLS is not limited to the research division only, with the presence of a cross over mechanism, the BLS LD is also open to along with Organization Staff and BPH, Entrepreneurship Divisions’ Staffs and BPH, along with other research division’s staffs. The open mechanism for BLS LD constructed on the idea that every active member of BLS FH UI has the right to get exposure related to the same business law researches and discussions regardless of the division they are in. LD BLS is held 8 (eight) times by each study division and is located both inside and outside the FH UI campus environment.

BLS Internal Legal Opinion Competition is a work program held by each research divisions in the form of competition for drafting legal opinions where both active and passive members of BLS FH UI are able to participate in. The purpose of the BILOC itself is as a forum for all members of the BLS FH UI to hone their abilities and skills to analyze a problem and give legally correct solutions which are then written in the form of a legal opinion. The implementation of this program is expected to be able to train the thinking path of all active and passive members of BLS FH UI to be able to think logically and critically to find solutions to certain problems in business law.

BLS Internal Study is a work program from each research divisions in the form of comprehensive learning about legal issues and their application in the field of business law that can be participated by active members of BLS FH UI. I-Stud is a bridge between the theoretical aspects and the practical aspects. The seminar will be conducted by speakers who are legal practitioners from the related fields, followed by a Q&A session where participants are encouraged to discuss certain legal issues from the practitioner.

BLS Study Visit is a work program of each research division, where active members of BLS FH UI visit certain agencies, companies, or law firms with the aim to learn and know firsthand how business law practitioners handle legal issues in daily activities. In its implementation, the material will be presented by agencies, companies, or law firms regarding the scope of business law practiced, company profile screening, and followed by a Q&A session.

BLS Legal News and Views is a BLS FH UI work program in the form of publishing articles containing researches and/or legal insights written by BLS FH UI Staff. The form of BLS LNV is divided into two: namely Legal News and Legal Views. BLS LNV in the form of Legal News contains comprehensive but concise and straightforward research on regulatory updates or certain actual issues in the world of business law in accordance with the scope of their respective divisions. Whereas Legal Views is a form of LNV format in the form of articles containing researches and views of the BLS LNV authors in a comprehensive, in-depth and detailed manner on an actual legal issue from the perspective of business law. In one BLS FH UI management period, each research division will issue 3 (three) BLS LNVs.

BLS Journal of Law and Business is a work program in the form of a compilation of all researches written by active members of BLS FH UI in one management period. BLS Journal will also be published both through the website and social media in order to make it easier for IKM FH UI members and the wider community to be able to access and obtain knowledge from the BLS Journal.

Capital Market Legal Class is a program of the Capital Market and Securities Division in the form of seminars on legal issues and the application of the law in the field of capital market. In the CMLC program, it is discussed in a comprehensive and in-depth manner regarding the application of business law in capital market industry activities as well as discussion of legal aspects contained in commercial financing activities. CMLC consists of two sessions where in each session there will be a presentation of material by practitioner speakers from government agencies, companies and/or law firms and followed by a Q&A session. CMLC is open to active and passive members of BLS FH UI, Members of the IKM FH UI, and the public in general.

BLS Legal Discussion
BLS Internal Study
BLS Study Visit
Capital Market Legal Class