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Work Programs

BLS Company Visit is a program organized by the External Affairs Division in the form of visits to companies, law offices, and government agencies in accordance with the BLS ComVis theme being held. This program can be attended by active and passive members of BLS FH UI. The series of program activities consisted of the presentation of material provided by practitioners from companies, law offices, and government agencies visited and followed by the company tour. This program was organized with the aim that participants know how the knowledge acquired on campus can be practiced in the world of work through direct observation visits to the workplace.

BLS Competition Facilitator is a program organized by the External Affairs Division in the form of providing a forum for competition facilities for IKM FH UI Members. This program provides various competitions selection for IKM FH UI members by accommodating administratively, providing mentors or persons to conduct scientific research and guidance. Then, based on the mandate of Article 11 paragraph (6) of the National Business Law Community’s Long Term Plan, the Research Coordinator is obliged to hold an NBLC of Internal Legal Opinion Competition and each member of the Initiator must send their delegation. Therefore, the sending of the NBLC delegation to the Internal Legal Opinion Competition of BLS FH UI will be accommodated through the BLS Competition Facilitator program. In addition, delegates from other business law competitions can also be accommodated by this program.

The Business Law Competition: Piala Hafni Sjahruddin is a program organized by the External Affairs Division in the form of a national business law competition which is also the first and oldest business law competition in Indonesia. The BLC competition consists of three branches competitions, Legal Opinion (“LO”), Contract Drafting and Negotiation (“CDNC”), and Battle of Brain (“BoB”). Until now, BLC has been held by BLS FH UI for nine times and has been attended by law students from various universities in Indonesia. In addition to the three branches of the competition, BLC also consists of a series of other events such as opening and closing ceremonies, seminars, workshops, and company visits. The BLC event series also involved various kinds of practitioners, academics and other third parties who have competencies that are in accordance with the theme of BLC FH UI. The implementation of the BLC program is expected to improving hard skills and soft skills of BLC FH UI participants related to business law from Indonesian law faculties as well as a place to bring together Indonesian law students who have an interest in the business law studies.

The Internal Contract Drafting Competition is a program organized by the External Affairs Division in the form of an internal FH UI competition aimed at IKM FH UI members to improve their skills in contract drafting and simulation of contract negotiations. This competition contains teams from the IKM FH UI Members, each of which consists of six people. The series of program events began with a technical meeting, presentation related to contract law bases related to contract formation and preparation and then followed by the division of case positions by the committee to ICDC participants. The organizing committee will give the participants several weeks to find a solution to the case. Then the judges will conduct an assessment and selection of contracts that are deemed feasible to enter the final round. Furthermore, the contract made by participants entering the final round will display the contract in the form of a negotiation simulation. There are several winning categories in the ICDC, namely First Place, Second Place, Third Place, and Best Contract. This work program is expected to be a place for IKM FH UI Members to improve their hard skills through the creation and drafting of their contracts and soft skills through negotiation simulation performances.

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