Work Programs

BLS Legal Discussion (“BLS LD”) is a work program in the form of discussion related to a particular issue and/or material that is delivered by the Manager and Vice Managers of each research division. BLS LD itself has various methods, such as regular lecturing, two-way interaction, games, working on a case study, and other methods that can provide a good understanding for all BLS LD participants. Then, BLS LD is not limited to the research division only, but also open to the Organization and Entrepreneurship field. The open mechanism for BLS LD is constructed on the idea that every active member of BLS FH UI has the right to get exposure related to the same business law research and discussions regardless of the division they are in. BLS LD is held for eight times which consists of Regular Legal Discussion, LD Legal Opinion, and LD Collaboration.

BLS Internal Legal Opinion Competition (“BILOC”) is a work program held by each research divisions in the form of competition for BLS FH UI members to draft legal opinions where both active and passive members of BLS FH UI are able to participate in. The purpose of the BILOC itself is being a forum for all members of the BLS FH UI to maximize their abilities and skills to analyze a problem and give correct legal solutions which are then written in the form of a legal opinion. The implementation of this work program is expected to be able to train the thinking path of all members of BLS FH UI to be able to think logically and critically to find solutions to certain problems in business law.

BLS Internal Study (“BLS I-Stud”) is a work program from each research divisions in the form of comprehensive learning about legal issues and their application in the field of business law that can be participated by active and passive members of BLS FH UI. Then, BLS I-Stud is a bridge for the participants to know more about the theoretical aspects and the practical aspects of some legal issues. The seminar will be conducted by speakers who are legal practitioners from the related fields, followed by a Q&A session and Case Study Session where the participants are encouraged to discuss certain legal issues with the legal practitioners.

BLS Study Visit (“StudVis”) is a program of each research division, where active members of BLS FH UI visit certain agencies, companies, or law firms with the aim to learn and know firsthand how its office handle legal issues in daily activities. In its implementation, the material will be presented by agencies, companies, or law firms regarding the scope of business law practiced, company profile screening, and followed by a Q&A session. In this year, StudVis will be a collaborative work program between and Banking and Finance Division and Intellectual Property and Technology Division.

BLS Legal News and Views (“BLS LNV”) is a work program in the form of publishing articles containing researches and/or legal insights written by BLS FH UI’s staff. The form of BLS LNV is divided into two, namely Legal News and Legal Views. In the form of Legal News, it contains comprehensive but concise research on regulatory updates or certain actual issues in the world regarding business law in accordance with the scope of their divisions. Whereas Legal Views is a form of LNV format in the form of articles containing views and analysis of the BLS LNV authors in a comprehensive, in-depth and detailed manner on an actual legal issue from the perspective of business law. In one BLS FH UI management period, each research division will issue three BLS LNVs.

BLS Call for Paper (“BLS CFP”) is a paper writing competition work program that aimed to improve participants’ critical thinking and writing skills. All papers that submitted to this competition will be published through this page.

Banking and Finance on Course (“BFC”) is a work program of the Banking and Finance Division in the form of seminar and workshop that discusses legal issues and the application of the law in the field of banking and finance. In the BFC work program, the participants will discussed in a comprehensive and in-depth manner regarding the application of business law in banking industry activities as well as discussion of legal aspects contained in commercial financing activities.

On the first day, BFC will hold a seminar that will discuss material that will be delivered by practitioner speakers from agencies, companies and/or law firms and followed by a Q&A session.. Furthermore, on the second day, BFC will hold a workshop that aims to develop hard skills related to the material presented before and this workshop will be filled by legal practitioners from law firms. In addition, BFC is held open to active and passive members of BLS FH UI, FH UI students, and the public in general.

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