About The 13th BLC

In 2010, Business Law Society (“BLS”) proudly presented the first, biggest, and most prestigious Business Law Competition in Indonesia, The 1st Business Law Competition (“BLC”). Since then, BLC has been held annually as one of BLS’ work programs throughout the years with this year’s installment of BLC as The 13th Business Law Competition: Piala Hafni Sjahruddin 2023 (“The 13th BLC”).

The 13th BLC is an annual business law competition open for undergraduate law students all across Indonesia, consisting of a Legal Opinion Competition, a Contract Drafting and Negotiation Competition, and a Paper Presentation Competition. The 13th BLC has the objective to increase the interests and talents of undergraduate law students all across Indonesia in regard to business law, in the aspect of International Supply Chain Industry. Furthermore, The 13th BLC also serves as a platform that provides the opportunity for undergraduate law students all across Indonesia by competing in the oldest and the most prestigious business law competition. Aside from the competition, The 13th BLC 2023 also consists of Workshop, Past Winners Testimonies, BLC Serials, and Exclusive Career and HR Talks as the event’s pre-event and post-event.

This Year's General Theme

The supply chain aspect in the manufacturing industry can be one of the factors contributing to the macroeconomic growth in Indonesia. This growth can be assessed by the increase in GDP, which correlates with the rising number of business transactions using the supply chain model. Nowadays, the supply chain business model is frequently employed by various large companies worldwide, posing challenges in both the business and legal realms. These challenges arise due to the necessity of understanding the supply chain business model and the legal aspects involved in its design and implementation. Therefore, the economic growth in Indonesia is closely tied to business transactions, including supply chain business, as it currently represents a trending business model among major companies globally.

In line with that, “Strengthen The Chain, Establish Cooperation” signifies that by strengthening the supply chain in international transactions, it will foster good collaboration between companies. In this context, the transactions refer to international transactions involving parties from two different countries. The strengthening of the international supply chain can serve as a stimulus for economic growth, leading to improved well-being and national progress, thus aligning with the achievement of national aspirations. Based on these principles, The 13th BLC is presented as a tangible manifestation of the theme and tagline through a national-scale business law competition. It includes Contract Drafting and Negotiation (CDNC), Legal Opinion Competition (LOC), and Paper Presentation Competition (PPC), supported by a series of other events.