About The 14th BLC

In 2010, Business Law Society (BLS) proudly presented the oldest, biggest, and most prestigious Business Law Competition in Indonesia, The 1st Business Law Competition (BLC). Since then, BLC has been held annually as one of BLS’ work programs throughout the years with this year’s installment of BLC as The 14th Business Law Competition: Piala Hafni Sjahruddin 2024 (The 14th BLC).

The 14th BLC is an annual business law competition open for undergraduate law students all across Indonesia, consisting of a Legal Opinion Competition, a Contract Drafting and Negotiation Competition, and a Paper Competition. The 14th BLC has the objective to increase the interests and talents of undergraduate law students all across Indonesia in regard to business law, in the aspect of Technology. Furthermore, The 14th BLC also serves as a platform that provides the opportunity for undergraduate law students all across Indonesia by competing in the oldest and the most prestigious business law competition. Aside from the competition, The 14th BLC 2024 also consists of Workshop, Past Winners Testimonies, BLC Serials, and Exclusive Career and HR Talks as the event’s pre-event and post-event.

This Year's General Theme

Theme: “Advancing the National Digital Economy Landscape Through Technological Progression.” The theme has a meaning that technology is a tool that has a very large potential to help improve Indonesia’s economy. In this digitalization era, the improvement of technology is very rapid and it has resulted in many new digital platforms, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain in the financial sector. Therefore, by harnessing the transformative power of technology in business law aspects, Indonesia could unlock new avenues for. sustainable economic development and prosperity.

Tagline: “Drive the Innovation, Embrace the Future”. In line with the theme, The 14th BLC chooses the tagline which means that it serves as a guiding principle in shaping the legal landscape of technology. By steering the innovation of technology in the business law, we could create an environment that encourages entrepreneurship, promotes investment, and facilitates the responsible development and deployment of transformative technologies.

In support of the theme and tagline, The 14th BLC will hold competitions such as Legal Opinion Competition (LOC), Paper Competition (PC), and Contract Drafting and Negotiation Competition (CDNC). Therefore, it is crucial to adapt with the future, not against the future, in order to seize the opportunities in the technology sector that could help Indonesia’s economy.