Entrepreneurship Division


Sehsisura Kerina

mba kerin

vice Manager

Satria Patridina


The staffs

Adinda Zahara
Faris Atha Muhana
Marcia Devana
Nadhira Putri Aurora
Nahda Chairunnisa
Naomi Astrid
Putri Armelia
Tasyafa Aleysia
Theo David
Willy Wardana

Work Programs

BLS Workshop is a program organized by the Entrepreneurship Division in the form of a workshop with the aim of raising funds from law firms, companies and other government agencies that are used as collaborative partners with BLS FH UI. This program will train corporate skills of BLS FH UI members such as how to make Legal Advice, Legal Opinion, Legal Memorandum, Legal Due Diligence, and Contract Drafting. This program was held in one day with speakers from law offices, company and government agencies practitioners according to the theme with the BLS Workshop held at that time. The series of events in the program consisted of two sessions, the first session on the discussion of the theoretical level and the second session on the discussion of the practical level. This program was held with the aim that BLS FH UI members can have practical abilities carried out in the world of work, so that these practical abilities can be implemented both in campus life and work life in the future as well as a means to increase cash BLS FH UI income for the continuation of various other BLS FH UI programs.

BLS Merchandise is a program of the Entrepreneurship Division in the form of selling goods or souvenirs offering BLS FH UI which aims to increase revenue into BLS FH UI’s cash. Items that usually become sales materials such as notebooks, stationery, stickers, tote bags and so on. Thus, the implementation of this program can make a major contribution to the sustainability of various programs that will be held by BLS FH UI.

BLS Workshop with Hendra Soenardi
BLS Workshop with Kaltim Prima Coal