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Business Law Society Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia or usually known as BLS FH UI is one of thirteen Semi-Autonomous Bodies (“BSO”) in the Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia. The purpose of establishing this organization is to study and discuss issues related to the field of business law. BLS FH UI is a place for students to study and discuss issues related to the field of business law.

BLS FH UI is divided into two main fields, namely the Research and Organization Field. Not only does BLS FH UI has the main fields mentioned, it also has two supporting fields, namely the Secretarial Field and Finance Field.

The Research Field consists of four divisions, Banking and Finance Division, Capital Market and Securities Division, Energy and Mineral Resources Division, and Intellectual Property and Technology Division. This field focuses on developing the hard skills of its members by learning and analyzing business law materials and issues through conducting several programs.

Director's preface

Greetings, Business Law Enthusiasts!

As a student organization that primarily focuses on business law research, the Business Law Society Fakultas Hukum Universitas Indonesia (“BLS FH UI”) is committed to developing the skills of its members and the wider community by offering diverse work programs, including workshops, training sessions, competitions, and more with prestigious partners.

As of today, BLS has been established for 21 years, because of that I would like to extend my gratitude to all of BLS FH UI’s members. It would not have been possible to have BLS FH UI standing firm without the endless support from all of them. 

Therefore we will continue to be creative and innovative in presenting quality and useful work programs which can be a benefit for all layers, especially for its members. Hopefully, our passions will help us all to come together as one for us to achieve BLS FH UI Mission.

Thank your for your attention.

Rayyan Hanif Ismail

Executive Director

vision and mission


Making BLS FH UI a student organization that puts forward synergistic, adaptive, and appreciative characteristics by focusing on increasing knowledge of business law that provides benefits to all members, IKM FH UI, and the general public.


  1. Become a forum for BLS FH UI Members to develop hard skills and soft skills;
  2. Improve the ability of each member of BLS FH UI to change decisively, quicky, and precisely;
  3. Creating a family environment that grows a sense of belonging and appreciation as an effort to increase the role and function of organizational resources, upholding the values of professionalism through the implementation and devlopment of work programs; and
  4. Strengthen, maintain, and improve good relations with third parties.


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