about us

Business Law Society (“BLS FH UI”) is one of thirteen Semi-Autonomous Bodies (“BSO”) in the Faculty of Law, University of Indonesia. It was first established in 2002 by four students, namely Sandi Adila, Ferry Rajagukguk, Syarif Hidayatullah, and Togi Pangaribuan. BLS FH UI consists of two main fields, Research and Organization Field. It also has two supporting fields, Secretarial and Finance Field. The finance field is also directly responsible to one of the working divisions in BLS FH UI, which is the Entrepreneurship division. BLS FH UI is a place for students to study and discuss issues related to the field of business law. As it develops, this community has grown and became an organization under the auspices of BEM FH UI. BLS FH UI has a vital role in providing usefulness for all of our active and passive members, alumni, and the whole student of FH UI as a forum for training and development through our various working programs. We aim to prepare our members to become competent law graduates with great sets of  hard skills and soft skills.

The Research Field consists of four divisions, Banking and Finance, Capital Market and Securities, Energy and Mineral Resources and Intellectual Property and Technology division. The Research Field focuses on developing the hard skills of its members by learning and analyzing business law materials and issues through conducting several programs, such as article writing, workshops, and Legal Discussions. 

The Organization Field consists of 3 Divisions, namely Internal Affairs, External Affairs, and Alumni and Public Relations. The Organization Field focuses on developing the soft skills of its members by practicing public speaking, time management, teamwork, decision making, and adaptability. These skills will be achievable through the implementation of our work programs which will facilitate the current members of BLS FH UI as well as our alumni and the general public itself. 


Maula Yusuf ibrahim

Director of Research of BLS FH UI Board of 2023

Budiman Prawiroatmojo

Executive Director of BLS FH UI Board of 2023

arneta Raisha N.

General Secretary of BLS FH UI Board of 2023

gabriela josephine

Controller of BLS FH UI Board of 2023


Treasurer of BLS FH UI Board of 2023