Intellectual Property and Technology Division
Work Programs

BLS Legal Discussion (“BLS LD”) is a program in the form of discussion related to a particular issue and/or material delivered by the Badan Pengurus Harian of IP-TECH Division. The implementation of BLS LD is carried out in 3 (three) forms: (1) discussing the material comprehensively in a two-way setting between the Badan Pengurus Harian and BLS LD participants, providing Legal Opinion in a small focus group discussion setting, and consulting with legal practitioners regarding the laws in practice. 

BLS Legal News and Views (“BLS LNV”) is a work program in providing research articles and/or legal insights authored by BLS FH UI Staff. BLS LNV is separated into two sections: Legal News and Legal Views. In the scope of IP-TECH, BLS LNV in the form of Legal News offers thorough but succinct and plain research on regulatory updates or particular actual difficulties in legal issues. Whereas Legal Views is a type of LNV format that takes the shape of articles that incorporate the BLS LNV authors’ research and opinions on a specific legal topic from the legal perspective in a thorough, in-depth, and comprehensive manner. In one BLS FH UI management period, each research division will issue 3 (three) BLS LNVs.

BLS Infographic is a work program held by each research division twice in one BLS management period. BLS Infographic is carried out by each Staff of IP-TECH Division in small groups consisting of five Staffs each. BLS Infographic contains primary and essential legal materials or news that is currently trending regarding intellectual property and technology. This work program has the aim of making it easier for readers to obtain information about a legal matter or an ongoing case. 

BLS Internal Study (“I-STUD“) is a work program in the form of extensive learning on legal issues and their application in the field of business law that members of BLS FH UI can participate in. I-STUD serves as a bridge between the theoretical and practical sides of legal training. The program will be delivered by speakers who are legal practitioners in the related sectors, and will be followed by a Q&A session in which participants are welcomed to engage with the practitioner on specific legal concerns. Not only that, the participants are also encouraged to participate in a case study session guided by the legal practitioners.

BLS Study Visit (“StudVis”), also formerly known as BLS Corporate Legal Study, is a work program that aims to improve a better understanding of the business law issues and its application in the career world by visiting relevant companies’ offices. A range of activities are held during the visit, including the presentation of material related to the theme and career development at the agency. 

BLS Internal Legal Opinion Competition (“BILOC“) is a work program held by each research division in the form of a competition for drafting legal opinions, in which both active and passive members of BLS FH UI can participate. The BILOC’s objective is to provide a platform for all BLS FH UI members to improve their abilities and skills in analyzing an issue and providing legally competent solutions, which are subsequently put in the form of a legal opinion. 

BLS Call for Paper (“BLS CFP”) is a paper writing competition work program that aimed to improve participants’ critical thinking and writing skills. All papers that submitted to this competition will be published through this page.

The Techonomy Master Class (“TMC”) is a work program of the Intellectual Property and Technology Division in the form of a seminar on law in the field of Intellectual Property and Technology. The TMC’s objective is to offer comprehensive and in-depth understanding of business law concerns, problems, and applications in the sphere of Intellectual Property and Technology. 

The Techonomy Master Class
The Techonomy Master Class